Leonardo Slam Skateboard Awards

Award-Board-design 1

Three weeks before the Leonardo Journal’s 50th anniversary, Roger Malina commissioned Twin Boards to create custom skateboards to give away as awards. The recipients included three significant contributors to the Leonardo journal: Linda Henderson, Lynn Herschmann, and Mihai Nadin. For each of the award-boards, Twin Boards co-founder and Artscilab member Jacob Hunwick and his twin […]

Leonardo 50th Birthday Party Slam at ATEC, UTDallas

Pablo Reyes Leonardo 50th Birthday Party Slam at ATEC - UTDallas

The Leonardo Slam idea was launched during Ars Electronica ( http://www.interface.ufg.ac.at/leonardo-slam/ )…it was picked up by Pablo Reyes during the UTDallas Leo50 Birthday party as a collaboration between the ATEC 3D Studio directed by Prof Andrew Scott and the ATEC ArtSciLab co directed by Cassini Nazir and Roger Malina. At the Leo50 Birthday Party an […]

Chanting the Change

Listening to Bioluminescent Bacteria by Ritwik Kaikini Ritwik Kaikini (MA’ 18) and Brian Merlo (BE’ 19) presented one of the iterations of the project, which is now leading its research pathway into diagnosing a bacteria’s life cycle phase just by listening, instead of seeing. During the presentation, Ritwik explained that Woody Hastings—who was one of […]

Classroom Mapping

Tron World by Kuo-Wei Lee Concept: We are in this 21st century, and we take advantage of advanced technology to make daily lives more and more convenient. I consider 21st century as the “Digital Century”. Everything is binary in the digital world with 0 & 1 combinations which is extremely simple but ordered. The shapes […]

Tape Mapping

by Kuo-Wei Lee Before I dive deeper, this project is called Tape Mapping. Therefore, it’s important to do the first step: Tapping!

Backdrop Mapping

by Kuo-Wei Lee This is part 1 of a 3 part blog post that discusses the process of projection mapping.

Xiang: Chinese Aesthetics

by Siying Duan edited by JoAnn Nguyen Since the culture reform in the early 20th century, western culture, including western art forms, has exerted a great impact on Chinese culture and art. But at the same time, many traditional Chinese aesthetic concepts, with related philosophical ideas, have also inspired many 20th century western philosophers and […]

Yuri’s Night: A Connection of Connections

Professor Roger Malina hosted Yuri’s night on April 15 at his residence. Professor Malina is a physicist, astronomer, and executive editor of Leonardo Publications at The MIT Press. He is also the Director of the ArtSciLab.