Can AI understand culture?

Culture and AI A vital component for the development of technology By Cris Kubli Since the consolidation of evolutionary theory in the 19th century, many scholars have believed that progress is a linear phenomenon. For it to succeed, one must be as rational as possible, make improvements every time and follow a rigorous set of rules […]

Ways of Listening for Information: A Vague Taxonomy of Sonification Techniques

Authored by Scot Greshman-Lancaster (with co-authors Sharath Chandra Ram and Roger Malina), this paper discusses a rough taxonomy of data sonification methods. It summarizes the discoveries and results of ongoing in-depth exploration in this area of research, and uses some of the ArtSciLab’s own modules based on this taxonomy to allow listeners of data and […]

New Interactive Modular Sculpture for the Lab Window

New Interactive Modular Sculpture for the Lab Window

Since the lab’s conception, the window of the ArtSciLab has been underutilized. Currently, there is a whiteboard that never gets updated with new information, and to the casual observer, there is nothing to differentiate the lab from other rooms in the ATEC.

Graziella’s Journey as a Junior Designer at the ArtSciLab


Graziella “Ela” Detecio worked on the ArtSciLab team as a Junior Designer. During her time here, she contributed to the design of project and marketing materials of the lab. As it’s time for her to move on to the next step in her career, Yvan Tina, team leader of Creative Disturbance, sat down with Ela […]

Creative Disturbance new podcast in தமிழ்

New podcast in தமிழ் by Gautam Sharma and Aadhavan Sibi

Every year, thousands of Indian students and hundreds of Tamil students make their way across the oceans towards to the land of opportunities in pursuit of their dream to master their craft. This channel is a way of trying to trace that journey by sharing the experiences of other students who are just as much […]

New Lab Member Introduction

Anthony Inga

Anthony Inga is an undergraduate design researcher at the UT Dallas School of Arts Technology and Emerging Communication with a background in engineering and computer science. He brings his unique eye to design through participation in the AIGA association for design, the Public Interactives Research Lab, and now as a research assistant at the ARTSCI […]

The Watering Hole: Art Conservation and Esports


Please join us Friday May 3rd in the ArtSciLab (ATEC 3.209) from 4-6pm for the final Watering Hole of the semester. Our speakers this week are Phillip Martin, Isaac Arrington, and Tray Thompson. Our first speaker, Phillip Martin, will be presenting on his work and career with Art Conservation. In 2004, he completed a BFA […]

Updates from CDASH

A National Convening on the Integration the Arts, Humanities, and STEMM

We are pleased to inform you – as collaborators and cloud curriculum members – of the progress of our CDASH website! On the Home page, our “SPOTLIGHT: What’s New!” section introduces The University of Texas at Dallas’ umbrella project, ToTTS: Tale of Two Thinking Systems. The umbrella consists of six promising initiatives within the ArtSciLab […]