Presenting Code of Ethics of the ArtSciLab

The ArtSciLab is one of the founding research groups of the Edith O’Donnell School of Arts and Technology in 2014. Its main task has been to bridge Art and Science alongside innovative technologies and research to help shape the future. The creation of the first official Code of Ethics (COD) in 2020 is long overdue. After a large global social shakeup that sprouted as the awakening of the Black Lives Matter movement in late May and early June, the creation of a COD was imminent. Our COD appeals for a more equitable, trustworthy and open work and study environment than ever before. 
The newly formed COD vocalizes the need for providing opportunities without discriminating during our processes of promotion, training and development of our members. An equal evaluation of ideas is what we strive for, as diversity and openness leads to creativity and innovation. 

Trusting and empowering those young researchers is essential, as well as having devoted mentors in the lab that guide other members. 
We aim to deal with not only conflict, but also opportunity with an open mind and transparency.Artists, designers, engineers, scientists and those that seldom fit in have a home in the ArtSciLab. This new ethical document seeks to serve our ArtSci community.