The Watering Hole: Art Conservation and Esports


Please join us Friday May 3rd in the ArtSciLab (ATEC 3.209) from 4-6pm for the final Watering Hole of the semester. Our speakers this week are Phillip Martin, Isaac Arrington, and Tray Thompson.

Our first speaker, Phillip Martin, will be presenting on his work and career with Art Conservation. In 2004, he completed a BFA from UNT in Drawing and Painting and immediately stumbled into an intensive two year apprenticeship as an Objects Conservator under the mentorship of Maria Valentina Sheets. Afterwards he worked as a staff conservator with a small private shop in Dallas until 2008, where he transitioned to independent contract work. During this he operated independently in the industry as Itinerant Creative while simultaneously producing and showing his own work as well. He received a scholarship to attend the Graduate Art program at Washington University in St. Louis in 2009. In 2019 he assumed the position of ATEC Building Services Coordinator. In Fall of 2019 Mr. Martin will resume Graduate studies in Creative Practice within ATEC. “I was raised by inspired problem solvers who gave me pencils, paper and Lego as far back as I can remember.” – Phillip Martin

Our second group of speakers is Isaac Arrington and Tray Thompson. They will be presenting as liaisons of the Dallas Mavericks Esport division, Mavs Gaming. They will be discussing their work, as well as, their views on the past, present, and future of Esports. At Mavs Gaming, Mr. Arrington and Mr. Thompson work as an Event Manager and Corporate Account Executive respectively. Mr. Arrington’s past experience includes working in Campus Services at the Imperial College of London, an Account Executive at Houston Dynamo, as well as a Grassroots Marketing Manager at FC Dallas. Mr. Arrington strives to host the best events possible in order to increase the guest’s network, best practices, and resources. Mr. Thompson, currently working as a Corporate Account Executive for the Dallas Mavericks/Mavs Gaming. His previous experience includes working as a Special Events Account Executive for the Dallas Cowboys, a Sales Consultant with Legends Hospitality, working on Stadium Experiences for the San Francisco 49ers, and an Account Executive for the Dallas Mavericks Basketball team.

All are welcome, regardless of creed, school, background, or discipline!

Watering Hole: ArtSciLab, ATC 3.209, 4-6PM
If you would like to volunteer to organise an ATEC Watering Hole or be a guest contact us. If you run into problems or have suggestions on how to improve it please send an email to

Updates from CDASH

A National Convening on the Integration the Arts, Humanities, and STEMM

We are pleased to inform you – as collaborators and cloud curriculum members – of the progress of our CDASH website! On the Home page, our “SPOTLIGHT: What’s New!” section introduces The University of Texas at Dallas’ umbrella project, ToTTS: Tale of Two Thinking Systems. The umbrella consists of six promising initiatives within the ArtSciLab that will be presented in Washington, D.C. at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) Convention in April 2019.

In the Spring of 2018, Dr. Kathryn Evans conducted a study, Moving the Needle, measuring the change in her Music, Science and Technology students’ attitudes on science-music integration. This investigation and its findings will also be presented by Dr. Evans at the NASEM Convention. The demo session will be recorded and will be included in the NASEM online toolkit as a resource for practitioners interested in implementing integrative approaches in their teaching.

We welcome our newest Research Assistant in UTD’s ArtSciLab, Lauren Bernal. Lauren is a senior Psychology major who brings a background of research and behavioral and brain sciences perspective to our interest in transdisciplinary curriculum.

Our Brazilian collaborator, Joao Silveira at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, recently completed his ArtSci for Education: Activity Report, February 2019. Soon, the original Portuguese report along with the English translated version will be posted on the CDASH site. We are delighted to share his findings over transdisciplinary.

Much more to come! We are excited about the response and look forward to many more courses, syllabi and resources for you. Help us spread the word by sending the link to your friends in the art-science community.

Kathryn Evans and the CDASH team