Performed Data from One Antarctic Night to be featured in soundtrack for BBC's Sound of Space

Sounds from One Antarctic Night, a series of interactive artworks created from 287,800 images of the night sky, are to be featured in the soundtrack for the BBC World Service series The Sound of Space.
One Antarctic Night, led by a creative team including Ruth West, Roger Malina, Lifan Wang, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Alejandro Borsani, Andrew Blanton, and Brian Merlo, used data from the robotic telescope CSTAR in Antarctica and created electronic instruments that participants could interact with to make digital image and sound remixes. The resulting project sought to blend art and science in new ways, and has been featured in venues including the San Francisco Exploratorium, the New York Hall of Science, and the Rubin Center.
The Sound of Space, which features a tour of the Universe using audio that has either been recorded by probes such as Cassini-Huygens, or sonified from data gathered by spacecraft and telescopes, will have a soundtrack that includes artworks inspired by space. The soundtrack will include 5 sonifications from One Antarctic Night, including Deep Choir and White Noise Universe. Other audio in the soundtrack will include works from Caroline Devine, Louis Dandrel, Radioqualia, Sigur Ros and Semiconductor.
This project can be found under the ArtSciLab Projects page for more details.