S.T.E.A.M. Power: The Power To Change The World

If you’re looking for more STEAM listening, we recently discovered this podcast over at steampowerpodcast.com that you should check out! From their about page:

“We are a podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news stories from across the entire spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics; as well as the Maker Movement and various Open Source Initiatives. We seek to inspire the public imagination in S.T.E.A.M. topics thus enabling a society that is technically and scientifically literate. We do this believing that a society that balances technological and scientific pursuit with humanity is the best hope for our collective future.
We also seek to serve as an advocate for the digital rights of individuals. We are strongly committed to ensuring technology plays the role of good in developing and safeguarding the democratic ideals of personal freedom, spirited debate, unfettered elections, and open conversation — free from fear, censorship, and harassment. We will ensure such ideals are passionately defended the world over.
We strive to be an advocate for four core initiatives, they are:
1) STEAM education in the United States and around the world. From elementary school to college and beyond. Not just in the classroom but also within youth groups and in the home.
2) Raising the public awareness and appreciation for the impacts science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics has on our society both now and in the future
3) Evangelizing the Maker Community, Open Source Movement and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mentality so that we can become a more creative, self-reliant, and openly collaborative society.
4) Advocating for the digital rights of individuals by ensuring any policies put in place by governments and corporations balance privacy with security. Thus ensuring that the rights and freedoms of the individual is never trumped by corporate greed or government overreach.”
About The Hosts
Mike Parks is an engineer, Navy veteran, and small business owner.  You can follow along on Twitter or Google+, and he occasionally rants on his blog.
Lisa Parks is a sociologist and Mike’s better half.  She is passionate about understanding the impact technology has on people, society, and education.  She is also the creative genius of Super Chic Dollies.

ArtSciLab & Leonardo Initiatives Seeks Experimental Publishing Intern

The ideal candidate is someone who is detail-oriented, enjoys the publishing process, communicates well with others, and is familiar with E-books. The candidate will acquire valuable experience with e-publishing tools and methods. Possible continuation over the summer since most of the work can be done online remotely with coordination meetings held on campus. The work is in the ATEC ArtSciLab under the supervision of professor Roger Malina
• Formatting existing or new articles for the upcoming Leonardo E-book according to the current style guide
• Updating style guide and process as it becomes more efficient
• Collaboration with various editors at MIT Press to supplement the development of Leonardo E-books
• Like a liaison with MIT Press, you will communicate and collaborate with E-book editors internationally
• Will help publish the E-book to Amazon
• Support the E-book’s online presence by maintaining its social media
• Responsible for the E-book companion website maintenance
• Could be tasked to experiment with other scholarly publishing platforms (i.e. publishing professional podcasts for the Leonardo Creative Disturbance channel)
• Previous experience in editorial work, social media, and front-end web development
• If interested contact Roger Malina at: roger.malina@utdallas.edu